The Crowning Touch

When it comes to rifle restoration and custom gunsmith work, there’s no substitute for having the right tools for the job. Often, old rifles come to me with gouged and banged-up barrels, and a new crown cut into the muzzle can help restore accuracy and give the weapon a custom look usually seen on more expensive rifles. I recently learned about a product – made right here in Michigan – that cuts a new crown on a barrel without the need for a lathe. At first, it sounded too good to be true, so I contacted Dave Manson directly about his muzzle crowning kits. Dave was most gracious and offered to demonstrate his product on an old barrel I was working on. It worked so well I bought one of his kits on the spot, and will likely buy more of Manson Reamers products in the future. Want to see how well this works ?

I’ve used this kit several times already, and the simplicity of design makes it one of the handiest tools on my bench. With this kit, I can cut custom crowns all day long, and do it very economically – a great value for my customers !

For more information, visit or contact them directly :

Manson Precision Reamers, 8200 Embry Road, Grand Blanc MI 48439 – or you can call Dave directly at (810) 953-0732.

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