Marlin Model 80 DL – Rescued

Word of mouth advertising is almost always the best kind, no matter your business model. When a fellow spotted an old Winchester I’d just restored he sent me this Marlin Model 80 to be refurbished.

I got to work, and first stripped the walnut stock to reveal what was underneath that old Marlin factory finish. After filling some gouges, the wood was sanded smooth and lightly stained, then finished off with my proprietary elixir of Tru-Oil and a drying agent to give it a rock-hard sheen that’ll last for decades.

Marlin Model 80 Deluxe

Next, the metal was smoothed and blued, the OEM screws were refurbished, and a new crown cut at the muzzle. Before reinstalling the front sight ramp, I polished the gold bead to a brilliant shine. The rear peep sight was disassembled and some minor surface rust removed. The bolt was examined for functionality and polished before lubrication applied.

This was a relatively easy “rescue” for me, but my efforts will be remembered long after I’m gone. The customer has his grandfather’s rifle back, and (with proper care), it should be a “shooter” for several more generations. And that’s what it’s all about folks.

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2 Responses to Marlin Model 80 DL – Rescued

  1. Phil says:

    I have recently inherited my great-grandfather’s Marlin model 80 DL (I know it was his because of the initials carved under the barrel, gave me goosebumps when I foind them!). It is in good shape considering all the use it has gotten over the years, but far from this beauty. Thanks for the inspiring post!

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