“Orphaned” Rifles

It all started a few years ago when a friend gave me his late father’s old Marlin Model 60 rifle for fifty bucks. It sat in the closet for a couple of years, and I spotted it one day while cleaning out some old clothes. The old gal looked kind of lonely, so I dusted her off and went in search of information.

With the help of more knowledgeable folks over at Rimfire Central, I learned what a great little shooter these .22 rifles are, right out of the box. I ordered a custom thumb-hole stock for it, added a scope and a few other embellishments, and now have a classy “tack driver” .22 rifle that is the envy of those that see and shoot it.

That small success led to another, and then another. Before long, friends and coworkers were asking me for advice and sending me their old rifles to work on. Now, as I approach retirement, I realize how much pleasure is derived from rescuing these “orphaned” rifles and finding new homes with shooting enthusiasts. There’s a certain sense of accomplishment that comes from taking someone’s vintage “truck gun” and turning it into a real looker…. I’m hooked.

Savage Model 99E

Savage Mod. 99E

The rifle pictured above is an antique Savage Model 99E in the .300 Savage caliber. A water leak in the customer’s basement left horrible stains on the wood which he asked me to repair, as this was his great-grandfather’s rifle with much sentimental value. After several days of work, it has been restored to its former glory in time for deer season, and the customer is thrilled. Cost ? Under $300, much of that in labor. Not bad for a treasured keepsake brought back to life, I’d say.

Stay tuned for more info and updates on other “rescues”as they become available – there’s more to come in the weeks ahead !

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