People often ask me about the different products I use to achieve superior results on my project guns, so I’m offering the information in the hope that someone else may find it useful. There is no substitute for quality materials, and there are no real short-cuts when one tackles a “rifle rescue” project. It takes time, patience, and a modicum of gunsmith skills to transform an old truck gun into a “tack-driver”.

True Oil Gun Stock Kit

The Best for Gun Stocks

Tru-Oil by Birchwood Casey : the best there is, period. I use a special “elixir” of Tru-Oil and other chemical compounds to give a wood stock that high-gloss, hard-as-nails epoxy type finish over stain. Nothing compares.

Leapers Accu-Shot Scope MountsLeaper’s Accu-Shot One Piece Scope Mount ” Perfect for smaller caliber rifles such as .22LR…..rock solid, easy to attach, and will not budge. CNC machined aluminum comes with 1″ rings that lock your optics with four hex screws. I have ’em mounted on my rifles, and I swear by ’em !


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