You may be surprised at my rates when compared to other custom gunsmiths. Because I work from my home, overhead is low. I do not (yet) have a Federal Firearms License, and I do not advertise. All my customers have come to me through word-of-mouth advertising, which I consider the highest form of praise.

For custom stock refinishing or other work, I will quote a competitive price for the work requested. A typical rifle “rescue” averages about 8-12 hours of work, but I will do my best to closely estimate any job entrusted to my care. If you have a special project in mind or just need some minor repairs or adjustments made, I’m certainly willing to work with you on pricing.

Whether you’d like to refurbish a favorite old hunting rifle or have an idea for a custom stock, I can help. If your firearm has mounted optics, I will bore-sight your scope with a Leupold Laser Bore Sight at no extra charge and lubricate the action before returning your treasured gun. It’s just one of those “little extras” I do so that you can be reunited with a firearm that’s ready to shoot right away – after all, isn’t that what you’re paying for ?

My goal is simple : to exceed your expectations each and every time through hard work and attention to detail. This insures that you’ll tell your friends and relatives about my work, and negates the need for more advertising.


2 Responses to Rates

  1. kris littledale says:

    Very nice! I especially like what you did for the Savage 99. They are great old guns!

  2. riflerescue says:

    Yes, that old Savage left my shop and went into the north woods to bag a six-point buck only days after I “rescued” it….. can’t argue with results like that !

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