Marlin Model 60 .22LR rifle manufactured in 1982

Marlin Mod. 60 w/squirrel stock

While much of my work is dedicated to older Marlin rifles such as the classic Model 60, I am certainly willing to tackle most any project that is within the scope of my knowledge & skills.

A thorough “rifle rescue” focuses on several aspects of the firearm – its history, aesthetics, and functionality/safety. I will research your gun, study schematics and exploded drawings, and determine what improvements may be made. Communication with the customer is paramount to understanding what is possible and what is expected. Whether you entrust me with your favorite hunting or plinking firearm or your grandfather’s pistol, I’ll work hard to exceed your expectations. This is what separates me from the others.

Actions : Smooth & polish all metal-to-metal contact surfaces, polish feed throat, install custom spring kits, adjust trigger pull, clean & lubricate action assembly, check function & inspect for safe operation. Custom action jobs available on some firearms upon request. Most rough actions can be made to operate quite smoothly with a minimum of fuss by simply polishing the various surfaces and installing high quality springs. I use and recommend J & P Custom Products.

Metal : Polishing, remove surface rust & minor pitting. Missing screws or parts replaced with OEM parts (when available). If your weapon’s muzzle has been dinged up and you’d like me to cut a new 11-degree “crown” on it, I can do that easily.

Wood : For older firearms, I will replicate the original finish to the best of my ability using modern finishes and good, old-fashioned craftsmanship. Nothing beats a hand-rubbed tung oil finish on older firearms ! For new stocks or when replacing old wood with new, I prefer a proprietary elixir of Tru-Oil and other ingredients that gives your stock a high-gloss, epoxy hard finish that will last for generations with little maintenance. I can also dye new wood in almost any color of the rainbow….for a fee. The choice is yours to make.

Scope mounting : I can install your scope, mount it level, and bore sight the optics to be “on paper” at 50 or 100 yards. The rest is up to you. If you need a quality scope at an affordable price, I use and recommend Mueller Optics. For the best prices and customer service, Joe Bob Outfitters is the “go to” place.


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